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Medical Equipments Management
The maintenance and management services of Medical Devices play an important role in providing a functional and safe environment for patients, visitors and employees from healthcare facilities.

It has always been a daunting task for biomedical engineers to oversee thousands of different devices used by healthcare facilities.

The purpose of this system is to provide a one stop solution for all Medical Device maintenance, repair and management needs.

Using the latest cutting edge online technology, the system is a truly one of a kind system that works hand-in-hand with the daily tasks of Biomedical Engineers.

The system provides the opportunity for healthcare facilities to streamline and standardize processes and data whilst giving organizations the ability to retain the key decision capabilities and actions of individuals necessary for their operations.
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Equipment Asset Management
  • Categorization of Classification of Risk
  • Maintenance info include service & user manual
  • Component with parent and child asset
  • Financial costing linkages
  • Equipment service schedule
Preventive Maintenance Management System
Work Order Management
  • Demand Work Order
  • Scheduled Work Order
Preventive Maintenance Management System
Planned Preventive Maintenance(PPM)
  • It is allow users to plan, schedule and monitor the execution of all its PPM activities.
  • The PPM master planning module allows Biomedical Engineers to setup PPM plans for equipment based on specific criteria such as risk, age, the frequency of use, location, etc.
  • The PPM module also has a special cross reference with the infection control and cleaning procedures for decommissioning and other such actions.
Preventive Maintenance Management System
Quality Assurance Management
  • reporting tools to enable constant and vigilant monitoring of all activities within the system to measure results accurately with viewing by graph chart (Completion of PPM, Uptime Target, Response Time)
Preventive Maintenance Management System